Whether your interests are:

- to start musical instruction as a beginner

- to further develop your abilities and skills at an intermediate or semi-professional level

- to learn production, video and studio techniques

- to get involved in an exciting musical community

- to prepare for a professional career in the music industry as a performer or behind the scenes

WIRE is dedicated to providing comprehensive instruction, facilities and other resources to support and inspire your musical goals.

Why Wire School of Music and Technology?


WIRE is dedicated to providing you with the skills and experiences you need to enhance your musical pursuits. We specialize in designing specific individual curriculums for each student and whether you are a beginner, a part-time player, or have professional aspirations in the music and entertainment industry, we can give you the tools you need to succeed.


At WIRE a group of experienced industry professionals are on hand to insure every hour you put into your craft is a well thought out and meaningful move towards your ultimate personal goals. You tell us where you want your musical journey to go and we help create a path to get you there


For individuals who wish to enter the music industry, the costs of studying the arts at a collegiate level has risen to an unrealistic level for many individuals and families. Too many students are coming out of fine collegiate programs and entering the very competitive music and entertainment field with a debilitating debt. At WIRE, we offer the classes you need and want, taught by the same high level music industry professionals you will encounter at the collegiate programs, for a fraction of the price. After your time with WIRE, you will be a competitive member of the music industry without any unfair financial hindrances holding you back before you even get started.                                                


At WIRE, we understand the rich diversity of the music industry and the countless styles of music and many ways to fit in and contribute at the professional and semi-professional levels. We won’t waste time or resources, and will work to help you attain the specific skillset you are looking for in order to reach your goals. Whether your interests lie in performing, composing, songwriting, record production, sound engineering, voice over, home studio recording, DJ skills, artist management, video techniques, live sound engineer or live show lighting specialist, WIRE has current professionals in the industry to teach you the skills you need.


WIRE prides itself on having one of the finest groups of musical professionals and educators in the country. All of our faculty members have extensive experience in the music industry and know what it takes to compete as an active professional. Along with their experience,knowledge and excellent teaching skills, they offer extensive connections to the music and entertainment world.


WIRE School of Music and Technology operates within a world class musical facility. Unlike other music schools which operate far from the music industry, WIRE puts you right in the middle of one of Chicagoland area’s finest and vital musical venues. While studying at WIRE you will be exposed to and included in the hundreds of events and concerts which take place at WIRE every year. You will be a part of an exciting community and if you have professional aspirations, you will be meeting and networking with real industry insiders and employers while honing your craft. At WIRE our students develop their skills on real world equipment in a professional atmosphere. No other schools can match our facility.


Because we offer a dedicated staff of industry professionals, and we will help you reach your personal goals - in your way and in your terms. Above all, we offer world class expertise in a world class facility for a price that will not overwhelm your future aspirations with unnecessary debt.